As winter settles in, it’s time to start thinking about the wear and tear that colder weather does to our cars. Luckily, you can make your car winter-ready by equipping it with winter tires.

If you’re thinking that it’s a waste of time because you haven’t equipped your car yet, think again. Now is as good a time as any to equip your vehicle with these tires and begin protecting it from winter weather damage. 

4 Facts About Winter Tires

They are designed for winter driving conditions

It might seem easy to simply dismiss the need for winter tires if you have all-season tires. Though all-season tires are designed to handle most driving conditions, including light snow, they’re not built to withstand especially harsh driving conditions such as heavy snowfall or thick ice on the road. Winter tires are.

They have more effective tread

One reason for the superior performance of winter tires in such harsh conditions is their pliable tread. Winter tires are equipped with a single-directional tread pattern that actually pushes the snow away from the tire as you drive. Winter tires are also constructed using special rubber compounds which are designed to withstand cold temperatures without fraying or cracking.  

Their pressure must be checked regularly

As temperatures continue to drop, you need to be diligent about checking the air pressure in your winter tires. Lower temperatures results in lower pressure, so keeping the air pressure constant is a guaranteed way to extend the life of its tread. It’s generally recommended to check winter tire pressure once a month for optimal results. 

Winter tires don’t need to be expensive

Although they serve a more specialized purpose than all-season tires, the price of most winter tires is actually comparable to that of most regular tires. Perhaps more surprising is the fact that some of the best winter tires are not always the priciest. Knowing this should help alleviate any concerns about cost that might be keeping you from equipping your car with these kinds of tires. 

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