Start your summer off right with these tips to help you travel safely this season. Continue reading to learn more.

Summer Driving Tips

Schedule a Quick Inspection

Car trouble should be the least of your worries as you plan your next vacation. According to AAA, however, one of the most common roadside setbacks is a blown tire. This is because the heat from outside will cause the air inside the tire to expand, placing added pressure on the weak or damaged parts of the tire.

While there is no way to remove every possibility of a blown tire, you can quickly assess the health of your tires by scheduling an appointment to have your tires rotated and inspected. At our Porsche service center, we will check the tread on your tires, look for any obvious signs of damage, and will ensure the tires are properly inflated.

Share the Road

Now that summer has arrived, people are ready to stretch their legs which means you’ll see more pedestrians, runners, and cyclists on the road. Travelers who are new to or visiting the area may be unfamiliar with the roads and could make sudden stops or unexpected turns. Likewise, inexperienced teen drivers will be out on summer break.

All of these scenarios make it vital to pay attention to your surroundings. Since you cannot control the way others drive or use the road, take every precaution to remove unnecessary distractions from your car and surroundings so you take evasive measures if necessary.

Expect the Unexpected

Few things can raise your blood pressure faster than getting stuck in standstill traffic on your way to an appointment or a deadline. Summer is a popular time for construction and roads are generally more congested with travelers which means the routes you’ve grown accustomed to could now be littered with unexpected delays.

Don’t be caught off guard by traffic jams and detours. Plan to leave earlier than necessary to give yourself enough margin to arrive on time without finding the need to speed or drive more aggressively. Pack a couple of snacks and waters in the car for hungry passengers in the event that you are delayed.

Check the Essentials in Upper Saddle River, NJ

Before you take off on your next roadtrip or summer adventure, let our techs at Jack Daniels Porsche take a look at your car to ensure everything is in good, working order. If you’re ready to upgrade your ride this summer, we have a variety of new Porsche cars for sale. Give us a call today or drop by our dealership to get started.